What does a Gold IRA look like? You can set-up a Gold IRA account in a few easy steps

Don’t allow your retirement to be taken advantage of by banks and governments

How would you feel if you could own an investment that outperformed the stock exchange by 400%. This is exactly what you’d get if you bought gold a decade back. Although gold has seen a 500% increase in price since 1999, analysts still believe that gold is undervalued at its current value. Some experts believe that gold could increase by 50% in the near future. Visit get gold ira before reading this.

Even though this area is among the top performing on the market it’s only one part of the story that gold tells.

The Value and Security of

The national debt ceiling will rise and the dollar declines. This will cause gold to increase in value. Today’s government’s debts are the highest they’ve ever been. The truth is that the US dollar can’t be considered the place where wealth was once stored. The safe haven that gold is for wealth has been for more than five thousand year.

What’s the Deal with Gold?

Nature’s hard asset, gold is. Gold isn’t subject to dilution, devaluations or other paper assets. The value of gold is not at the mercy or financial institutions. In fact, historically gold has moved in opposite to the direction of stocks. Even in the worst times of history for our economy, gold outperformed stock markets by more than a decade.

Gold is not able to be printed like money. Unlike stocks, it will not ever merge or become one. It’s not a surprise that gold is the best store of wealth over the centuries. It is possible to save your nest egg by including gold in your retirement portfolio.

Why Your Financial Consultant Won’t Recommend Investment in Precious Metals

Financial advisors are only licensed to recommend publicly traded securities. Some financial advisers may recommend precious-metal Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), or mining stocks to help you take advantage of the rising price of precious metals. They may recommend mining stocks or ETFs instead of investing in precious metals.

ETFs and mining stocks are not the same investment as precious metals. Precious metals, like all tangible assets, are tangible. ETFs behave just like other paper assets. They’re subject to the same volatility as stocks, inflations, and corporate fraud.

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