The sticker shock at the Yacht Show has many looking for alternatives

You’re considering buying a boat, but aren’t sure whether the investment of $1,000,000+ is worth it. Think again. You can find companies that make yacht ownership not only a fun experience, but also affordable and risk-free. Read more now on boat sales mallorca

Yachting is one of many activities that people enjoy. A luxury yacht is a status symbol. It is because yachts are expensive to buy and maintain. Even the wealthy are now looking for alternative ways to own luxury yachts without the hassle of maintenance.

The excitement of buying a new yacht is high, but let’s be honest, you won’t use it for very long. Maintenance is not something that can wait until you return. It is a permanent and constant task. Many insurance companies require a Captain to be onboard full-time. Many Captains are capable of basic mechanics, but they don’t enjoy cleaning and maintaining the boat. You will likely need additional crew to do polishing, mechanical, electrical, and cleaning. Many people think they can maintain their yacht with minimal or no maintenance. Think again. Filters need to change, oil needs to be changed. The bottom of the boat must be cleaned to remove barnacles. Strainers need to cleaned. A/C units need to serviced. Generators and engines also need to get serviced. Lists are endless. Marine mechanics and electrical contractors charge high prices for their services. The larger the boat, the more you will need to pay. Be prepared to pay 10% more annually on top of your yacht’s purchase price. We are not trying to discourage anyone from living the yachting life, but rather we want to be honest about what owning a yacht entails. We encourage you to research this matter. We try not to think about these obstacles, or think they will disappear as we are enchanted with the beauty of yachting, the yacht, and the prestige it brings.

What if it was possible to have your cake, and eat too? This means that you can have your yacht and share the cost with other owners, but still maintain pride of ownership and equity, and use your yacht whenever you want to. What if a fractional company provided you with your own crew? A cruising crew. A cleaning crew. A fractional company will have your yacht prepared when you arrive and your crew will take care of everything when you leave. You will be able to keep your yacht costs down. You will be the only one who knows that you do not own your yacht outright.

A luxury yacht isn’t your “everyday” boat. A yacht can be anywhere between 40ft and 328ft long. You can have a great time sailing in the water. As we all know, a yacht is a depreciating investment. So don’t be surprised if you only get a fraction of what you paid today. Stop reading if this is not important to you.

If you want to invest in a luxury boat and you are concerned about the amount of money you will lose, then you should read this article. There is a way that you can do so without suffering a large loss. Luxury cabins are available on yachts to accommodate as many people as possible. Space is no problem for your friends, family, or colleagues. The accommodations will be enough to make the trip relaxing and fun. Businessmen also close deals on yachts.

You can also take advantage of tax advantages where you can deduct up to $500,000. With a fractional company, we can also rent out the weeks that you won’t be using. Most people would like to own a boat to take advantage of all the amenities, as well as enjoy the elegant look. What about a galley or minibar on the water? The majority of yachts have both an indoor bar and outdoor entertainment area. Professional bartenders are ready to serve your favorite whiskey. You can enjoy a drink on deck with your fellow travelers while gazing at the ocean. What a classy experience! Luxury yachts are known to have elegantly designed dining areas. You can be sure that your guests will have a memorable dining experience. Outdoor dining is also a great way to let your guests enjoy the beautiful sunsets and the sea.

The price and maintenance costs are a major obstacle. It shouldn’t be a problem anymore as fractional ownership is for those who want to enjoy yacht ownership but without the hassles and maintenance costs. What’s more? You can walk in style to your destination and back again, with no worries about maintenance or cleaning, because the management company will take care of it all.

Imagine the following scenario: you agree to meet with your family or a business partner for drinks at the yacht club while you await the rest of your family. Your children, your wife, or even your grandchildren may want to sunbathe or play in the pool at the yacht club. You are now ready to cruise to the Florida Keys on your own private yacht with your family. Your private yacht is awaiting you with the Captain and crew. Before you depart, the stewardess will serve you some drinks. When your trip is over, you can walk back to class while the crew takes care of the cleaning and maintenance. It’s really that easy! Yes, this is the easiest way to own a boat!

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