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Portuguese Water Dog Puppy- A Wonderful Pet!

Portuguese Water Dogs, so named because of their affinity for the water, are intelligent and loyal dogs. These dogs possess a pleasant and stable temperament. They are also affectionate. Though this pup is almost always polite and eager to please its owner, it has an amazing sense of humour and loves being the centre of attention. You can see AKC Portuguese Water dogs for more information.

This breed also is very intelligent, brave and easy to teach. Portuguese Water Dog puppies are very eager to please and learn quickly. When you demonstrate a constant, calm authority they’ll be more willing to listen. You should remember that these people are highly intelligent. If they think you lack the strength of mind to succeed, they might try and be your “boss”.

They usually get along fine with animals of all kinds, including children. To avoid problems, they should be allowed to become familiar with any cat you might have. With all other pets you won’t encounter any trouble.

Portuguese Water Dogs make excellent guard dogs. They also have great smells. But they love to bite. Their puppies are especially notorious chewers. So, always be prepared with something you bought for them.

Portuguese Water Dog puppies are a large dog that can reach a height of about 30 pounds. They have wavy coats, which may range from flat to wavy. There is also varying degrees of curl, from tight to loose. You can choose from white, brown or black. Silver fox is also an option.

They are good swimmers, because, as the name suggests, they swim a lot.

Breeds of this type are susceptible to hip dysplasia, and can also be affected by PRA. Portuguese Water Dogs need to be tested against GM-1 Storage Disease. This deadly nerve disease appears when puppies reach 6 months. When your pet is well, you should expect it to live for between 10 and 14.

You can own this breed if you are allergic to hair. Portuguese Water Dogs grow their fur more slowly than many other types of non-shedding dogs. This means that they do not require as frequent visits to the groomer.

The male dog will be between 20 and 22 inches tall, and weigh about 42 to 45 lbs. A female should weigh between 35 and 50 pounds and grow up to 17 to 20 inch.

It may sound like this is a large apartment for a water dog, but it will do just fine as long as you give him regular exercise. It is likely to prefer living inside rather than outside.

The Portuguese Water Dog will make a wonderful addition to any family. Just take some time to study all its traits before making the final decision.