Redefining executive condo living

Altura EC, an executive condominium (EC), is a development of exceptional quality that sets itself apart from other options available on the Singapore real estate market. Altura EC’s thoughtful design, its prime location and its wide array of amenities offer a unique combination of luxury and affordability. We will discuss the main features, benefits, as well as reasons that Altura EC makes a good choice for buyers looking for a distinct living experience. Read more now on Altura EC price.

Unveiling Altura EC

Altura EC is a high-end executive condominium situated at the heart of Singapore’s District 28, specifically 80 Compassvale. Altura EC is a premium executive condominium project developed by a renowned Singapore developer. It stands out for its unique architecture, top-notch finishes and spacious living areas. The project aims to give residents an environment that is both tranquil and modern, with many amenities.

Special Features and Amenities

Altura EC has a range of layouts that cater to different family sizes and needs. Every unit is designed with care to optimize space and ensure comfort.

Facilities of the highest quality: A wide range of modern amenities are available to encourage an active lifestyle. Residents will enjoy the swimming pool, playground for children, tennis court and fitness gym. They can also relax in beautifully designed gardens. All of these facilities are great for relaxing, having fun and spending time with friends and family.

Altura EC features smart home technology that allows residents to remotely control their lighting, air conditioners, and security system through smartphones. This innovative feature increases convenience, efficiency and security in the apartments.

Altura EC’s prime location offers its residents easy access to amenities and excellent connectivity. Compass One Shopping Mall is just a short walk away, offering a wide range of entertainment, dining and retail options. Sengkang General Hospital is nearby, as are reputable schools and parks.

Altura EC’s tranquil surroundings allow residents to escape from the city. Sengkang Riverside Park in nearby Punggol Waterway Park offers picturesque scenery and peaceful walking paths.

Eligibility for Investment and its Potential

Altura EC is an affordable luxury condominium that offers a chance for buyers to get the quality and luxury of a private condo at a price they can afford. ECs in general are a good way for people to get into the market.

The Housing Development Board has established criteria for eligibility to own an Altura EC executive condominium. They include requirements for citizenship, the composition of a family nucleus, a maximum income limit, and private property ownership.

Altura EC is no different than other ECs in that it has the same potential to increase its value with time. After the minimum period of occupation, ECs will be fully privatized. This could result in increased value for owners.

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