Looking for Wholeness, the Balance of Feminine & Masculine Energies

We can use the newness of a year or decade to improve our lives by reflecting on our own life and using our insights. Read more now on masculine energy traits in a woman.

In a state of dynamic movement, we all possess a mixture of feminine and masculine energies.

Linearity, mental focus, and goal-orientation are the characteristics of masculine energy.

These energies, which are feminine, revolve around feeling, emotion and expanding the mind.

In place of viewing these energies exclusively as gender-specific, we could shift our paradigm to see them as the Divine’s way of taking consciousness. It is the play of consciousness that always pulses between expansion and contraction. In fact, this pulsation is something we experience directly. This pulsation, whether we are aware of it or not is occurring in every cell of our body and at a cosmic level in the existence of the universe.

By removing cultural labels and discarding associated biases you can reduce these energies to their pure form. When you operate on a higher spiritual level, it is possible to see the world and perceive things.

You can journal and reflect on how your primary energies are manifested in your daily life. What are your tendencies when it comes to managing your career, dealing with family issues, or relating to others? Each of us has a unique mix, but the proportions will change with each context. If you begin to recognize and express these patterns, they will become more distinct.

After you’ve explored and found your patterns, you can balance your energy to achieve a happier life.

In your daily life, you will develop a certain style. Everybody is a creature of habit. This question asks, “Do your habits support the vision you have for yourself?” You must cultivate the energy you have suppressed (the self-reflection piece) to fully integrate yourself. When you realize that you place more value in your emotions than your analysis, it is time to bring your mind to play. These energies are to be merged into a synchronized pulse.

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